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Rolling Bins & Caster Cart Containers

The Benefits of our 4Series Flat-Bottom Container with Casters on a Steel Frame Plus 2-way Forklift Entry

Fibertech Inc. has engineered a custom caster configuration frame for our 4 Series container. This stainless steel tubing frame is bolted on to our flat bottom one piece 4 Series plastic bulk container. This frame is designed with 2-way forklift entries that also allow the container to rotate. By adding casters to this stainless steel framed bulk container it now has the ability to be rolled for accessibility.

Rolling Bin/Caster Cart Specifications

Model Outside Dimensions Cu./Ft. Gallon Capacity Weight
F436-SSF 48″ x 44″ x 38 1/2″ 30cu/ft 225gal 175 lbs
F438-SSF 48″ x 44″ x 40 1/2″ 32cu/ft 240gal 180 lbs
F442-SSF 48″ x 44″ x 44 1/2″ 37cu/ft 227gal 190 lbs
F445-SSF 48″ x 44″ x 47 1/2″ 40cu/ft 300gal 195 lbs
F-4 DUST COVER 49″ x 45″ 25 lbs
F-4 LID 49″ x 45″ 40 lbs

Caster Container Benefits:

  • Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Rust Resistant
  • Four Year Warranty
  • Non-Static Material Transfer
  • 100% Recyclable

Caster Container Standard Features:

  • 4-Way Entry
  • 2-Way Fully Rotatable Entry
  • 1” Stainless Steel Tubing Frame
  • 3/16” Plating
  • Rigid/Swivel Antimicrobial Casters
  • Ergonomic Nesting/De-nesting Design
  • Single Wall One Piece Design
  • Reinforced Rim
  • Flat Bottom
  • Reinforced Rounded Corners
  • Replaceable Pallet Base

Available Caster Container Options:

  • Lid
  • Stenciling
  • Divider Plates
  • Drain Holes
  • Drain Plugs
  • Mold-on Graphics
  • Custom Colors (at nominal upcharges)
  • Mold-in Graphics

available-colorsHeavy Duty Rolling Caster Carts Can Be Nested For Storage

Rolling bins from Fibertech Inc. increase the efficiency of your operation by making it easier to move around your material handling containers. These custom caster cart containers have smooth, flat interiors with rounded corners for easier clean and the unloading of product. Our plastic bulk caster cart containers are also nestable when empty, so you can store your material handling products without wasting valuable space. These caster carts are easier to move, whether full or empty offering a multitude of opportunities for use.

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