3 of the Most Useful Custom Plastic Containers to Use With Forklifts

rotational-moldingThe people who use forklifts every day know that these pieces of equipment are one of man’s greatest inventions. Whether you work in a commercial setting or industrial warehouse, they help turn what would otherwise be a full day’s project into a quick 15-minute job. Wooden, metal, and plastic pallets are typically thought of as the platforms used to maneuver things around with forklifts, but custom plastic containers are quickly becoming popular in a variety of industries.

At Fibertech Inc., our plastic bulk containers are made through a custom rotational molding, or rotomolding, process, which means they’ve undergone a unique four-stage method that utilizes heat and plastic resin. Rotational molding is commonly used to make large hollow plastic products like utility carts, storage tanks, car parts, marine buoys, pet houses, recycling bins, road cones, kayak hulls, and playground slides. Somewhere in between though are custom plastic containers, like the ones we offer for storing, moving, transporting, and dumping various materials.

Here are three of the products we offer that can be extremely useful to anyone working with forklifts.

4Series Bulk Containers: One of our standard and popular custom plastic containers is the 4Series. This particular model features a separate bolted-on pallet and 4-way forklift entry for convenient access in any type of setting. The replaceable bolt-on pallet base helps extend the already long life of these containers made with a one-piece design of linear low-density polyethylene resin.

DOT Containers: The DOT bulk shipping container is one of our more specialized custom plastic containers because it allows for the transport of hazardous materials.

Like the 4Series, this container also features a single-wall, one-piece design with bolted on pallet, but it also includes a sealable lid to ensure none of the hazardous material spills out along the way. The smooth interior and rounded corners also help to make cleanup more efficient after the transport is complete.

Rotatable Containers: One of our most versatile custom plastic containers is the rotatable line. These are essentially the 4Series bulk containers, built with a one-inch aluminum rod at the bottom to allow for secure tilting and dumping of the contents without ever having to leave the forklift. For jobs that require constant loading and dumping of material, this container is essential and all you need is a standard forklift 180-degree rotator.

Whether you’re the person that will be using it every day or just trying to determine how to improve efficiency, these are just a couple of the products we offer that can make your job easier and more productive.