Industries Served

Servicing an increasing number of Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Service Industries.

plastics-industryIndustries served by the complete line of plastic material handling products from Fibertech Inc. run the gamut from health care to recycling. Our bulk containers, plastic pallets, recycling carts, commercial laundry carts and plastic storage lockers are manufactured for strength, durability and long-lasting performance. The right plastic material handling products bring cost reduction benefits to material handling operations in virtually every industry. Industries served by Fibertech Inc. appreciate our dedication to high-quality materials.

Bulk Material Handling Industry

Fibertech Inc. material handling products are ready for even the most challenging bulk material handling jobs in the harshest environments. Professionals in bulk material handling operations specify our containers for outstanding durability, as well as smart design features such as forklift accessibility. Lighter bulk containers, compared with metal or fiberglass, are especially beneficial to a material handling company, where product weight is a cost factor in shipping. Because these bulk containers are repairable, they also contribute significantly to reducing overall bulk material handling budgets.

Food Industry

Fibertech Inc. products are FDA and USDA compliant for food industries. Because we use 100% virgin polyethylene, our plastic material handling products are safe for contact with food. Combo bins and plastic bulk containers deliver a greater resistance to food and chemical penetration, which reduces potential risk for contamination. These bulk containers and bins are ideal for sanitary storage and secure transport throughout any processing facility. Fibertech Inc. combo bins and pallets are best for the job, from processing and handling to packing and distribution.


Fibertech Inc. is excited to now serve the commercial laundry and linen industries with our newest line of linen/laundry trucks. We offer bulk storage trucks, commercial laundry carts and internal usage with our industrial utility carts. These plastic laundry material handling products are engineered specifically to better address the needs of the laundry industry, where increased payloads and improving efficiency are important. Our commercial laundry & linen products come in several sizes and caster configurations and are designed to be 100% free from corrosion. Plastic laundry trucks are ideal for collecting wet or soiled linens and distributing clean, fresh linens.

Hospitality/Healthcare Industry

Broadening our material handling products line has allowed us to support the hospitality and health care industries with industrial utility carts, storage lockers, recycling carts and laundry trucks. These material handling products make efficient use of every inch of space to deliver and return more material goods per trip. Rugged bulk laundry trucks are rotationally molded in a single unit of 100% virgin polyethylene for strength and impact resistance. These laundry trucks are immune to water and disinfectants, making them ideal for housing sanitary goods. Plastic storage lockers are ideal for employee locker rooms, swim pool locker rooms, water parks, marinas, saunas, spas, and ski resorts. Fibertech Inc. hospitality and health care material handling products hold their own weight in the industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Fibertech material handling products are FDA and USDA compliant, allowing our products to be permitted for use in pharmaceutical facilities. Whether it’s bulk containers or plastic pallets, we use 100% virgin polyethylene, making our products safer and more resistant to environmental stress cracking, which results in longer lasting products. Our material handling products are ideal for sanitary storage and secure transport throughout any process and packaging facilities.

recycling-cart-fibertech-green2Recycling Industry

From bulk containers for material collection and sorting to industrial bulk plastic recycling, Fibertech Inc. has the material handling products and services to support the recycling industry. Fibertech Inc is a green manufacturing company, with our own in-house recycling and size reduction services. We convert post-industrial plastic scrap back into a reliable feedstock for preferred manufacturing process. Recycling carts manufactured by Fibertech Inc. further assist recycling companies in the collection of recyclable waste.

Agricultural Industry

Fibertech Inc. uses 100% virgin polyethylene, making our material handling products FDA and USDA compliant and safe for contact with raw materials. These bulk containers deliver a greater resistance to chemical pesticide penetration, which reduces potential risk for contamination and supports the reusable nature of our products. Reusing bulk containers adds up to substantial savings on cost-per-use and sustainability over time. Fibertech Inc. combo bins and pallets are the best option for the harvesting, handling, processing, and distribution of agricultural goods.

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