4-Year Warranty

Fibertech Four Year Warranty Program Details

4-year-warrantyFibertech Inc. offers a limited 4-year warranty on all products.

Fibertech Inc. offers a limited 4-year warranty on all products including: Bulk Containers Combo Bins, Recycling Carts, Storage Lockers, Plastic Pallets, Laundry Trucks, Industrial Utility Carts, Custom Plastic Material Handling Containers

Our Commitment

Fibertech Inc. has been the foremost leader in the repair of plastic material handling supplies since 1985. Years of repairing almost every brand and design of bulk storage and shipping containers has allowed Fibertech to analyze the areas of these containers that are consistently damaged and in need of repair. This knowledge of container flaws has enabled us to design and manufacture our own line of quality material handling containers that help reduce or eliminate the need for frequent repairs.

In fact, we believe so strongly that our containers are structurally and functionally superior to any product on the market, we back our products with the best warranty available: a four-year warranty on the Fibertech product line of containers.

4-Year Warranty Program

The 4-year warranty program is our commitment to you, the original purchaser, that each Fibertech container will be free from defects in manufacturing for a period of four (4) years from the date of delivery. If any Fibertech Inc. bulk container, combo bin, recycling cart, plastic locker, plastic pallet, laundry truck, industrial utility cart or custom-built container is found to have a defect in material or workmanship, we will take the appropriate actions defined in this warranty to resolve any issues. We give a 4-year warranty because we believe in our products.

Our Responsibility

Fibertech Inc. will repair or replace — whichever is deemed appropriate — any product that is recognized as defective within the terms and conditions of our 4-year warranty. Fibertech Inc. is not responsible for transportation and handling costs incurred in the repair and/or replacement process.

Your Responsibility Enactment

If you notice a defect by terms of this 4-year warranty, please notify Fibertech by phone or in writing within four (4) years from the date of delivery. Please include a copy of the invoice as proof of purchase date and a description of the specific nature of the defect.

Feel free to utilize our national network of representatives to inspect the product and aid you in making your 4-year warranty claim. Fibertech Inc. will, at our discretion, arrange for the repair, replacement or full reimbursement of the buying price. This 4-year warranty gives you specific legal rights, and in certain states, additional legal rights may apply. Except for those other rights, Fibertech’s responsibilities are limited to the prescribed solutions provided by this 4-year warranty.


Fibertech’s limited four (4) year warranty is the strongest in the industry, but we must set forth a few limitations.

IMPROPER USE: This 4-year warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or accident, forklift abuse or any device used for dumping or movement that subjects the container to excessive stress.

IMPROPER CARE: A good maintenance program for plastic material handling supplies will reduce damage. We will not warrant damage that can be eliminated by a washing and cleaning program (ask us about the Fibertech program). Scratches, dings, gouges, etc., are considered normal wear and tear associated with normal usage. You may also find that colors fade due to years of wear. Although this is not a common occurrence, certain pigments are susceptible to fade. Containers may bulge and change shape. These are common characteristics and properties of plastic and its components and cannot be considered a defect in manufacturing.

We will not pay for consequential or incidental damages under this 4-year warranty. This includes any loss, damage or expense other than the container itself.

Fibertech Inc. is committed to providing customer service and support unparalleled in the industry. We will take whatever steps necessary to provide you and your company with a courteous, expedient solution to your claim. Please forward your warranty claim to:

Fibertech Inc.
Attn: Customer Service Department
11744 Blue Bell Rd., Elberfeld IN 47613