Ag Center Services

Ag Center Services

Fibertech Inc. provides a complete Repair, Reuse, & Recycling Solutions for Agriculture Seed Boxes


Ag Center Flow Seed Box Repair Service

Even the most durable of seed boxes can become damaged after prolonged use. Instead of replacing the damaged center flow containers with high cost new units, we repair them and extend the life cycle of your center flow seed boxes.

With over 20 years’ experience in repair, Fibertech quality and weld strength along with unmatched customer service brings great value with maintenance and repair of the reusable center flow containers. Our plastic weld repair is stronger at the point of repair than the container was when it was originally manufactured. Fibertech also guarantees that all repaired parts will maintain their structural integrity, load capacities will not be diminish and they will operate like new.

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Ag Center Flow Seed Box Plastic Recycling

When plastic Ag Center Flow Seed Box repair is not possible, Recycling with Fibertech is.

Fibertech Inc. empowers you to do your part in protecting the environment in a way that also benefits the efficiency and appearance of your company. Center flow container plastic recycling, in addition to its environmental benefits, provides cost savings by eliminating landfill and dumpster expense, reducing trash and increasing recycling. Get rid of center flow seed boxes that are damaged and help your company as well as the planet. We take center flow containers that are no longer usable and put them back to work. We can recycle your old un-repairable center flow seed boxes and turn them back into feedstock for manufacturing.

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