Center Flow Seed Box Repair

Ag Center Flow Seed Box Repair Service

Fibertech Inc. provides a Complete Repair Service for Agriculture Seed Boxes.

B CFEven the most durable of seed boxes can become damaged after prolonged use. Instead of replacing the damaged center flow containers, Fibertech repairs them for a fraction of the cost of new center flow containers extending the life of your investment.

Fibertech quality and weld strength along with unmatched customer service brings great value with maintenance and repair of the reusable center flow containers. The service provided by Fibertech also includes the recycling and reprocessing of non-repairable containers.

Flow Seed Box Repair Service Advantages

All plastic Ag Center Flow Seed Box repairs at Fibertech are done with consistent, superior workmanship by our plastic welders.

Fibertech repair work is unmatched with an average of 87% of all containers brought in for repaired and returned.


How the Ag Center Repair Service Works

  • Center flow seed boxes may be picked up by us or delivered to our facility.
  • Repairable plastic center flow seed boxes are washed and repaired.
  • Each container is inspected. Boxes that have reached end of life are deemed non-repairable and will be recycled.
  • Only charged for re-salvageable containers that are returned
  • Refurbished plastic center flow seed boxes are delivered to the location you specify

 Plastic Ag Center Flow Seed Box Recycling

When plastic Ag Center Flow Seed Box repair is not possible, Recycling with Fibertech is.
Center flow container plastic recycling, in addition to its environmental benefits, provides cost savings by eliminating landfill and dumpster expense, reducing trash and increasing recycling. Check out our recycling services.

Plastic Ag Center Flow Seed Box Repair Service Cost

Fibertech Inc.’s plastic Ag Center Flow Seed Box repair service program pricing includes the cost to repair all center flow seed boxes, regardless of size or amount of damage. All center flow seed boxes repair materials and labor is included in the price. With center flow seed box repair, there may be additional charges for the purchase or repair of replacement components such as but not limited to broken or missing locking latch handles, side access sliding doors, door latches, steel hit plates and pallet base. Every repair/recycle program is specific to your needs.

Contact Us today at 800-304-4600 or using the form below for a quote to start your center flow seed box repair program with Fibertech.


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