Caster Cart Containers

caster cartNo matter what your industry, you want long-lasting, durable supplies that will also get the job done in a quick and efficient manner. However, oftentimes, businesses find themselves choosing between either durable products that are difficult to use or easy-to-use products and lack quality design. At Fibertech we don’t think you should have to pick between durability and efficiency when it comes to purchasing bulk containers for your industry, which is why we created our caster cart that combines the heavy-duty design of our standard bulk containers with ergonomic caster wheels, resulting in an innovative bulk container that is both durable and easy to use.

Ergonomic Design Features of our Caster Cart Containers

The most obvious benefit of our caster cart containers is that they are mobile and easy to move from one location to the next – a key feature when it comes to transporting bulk containers from one workspace to another. In addition to being moveable, our rolling bins are also easy to maneuver thanks to rigid/swivel casters that ensure they are usable in even the tightest spaces.

Along with being easy to maneuver and nestable, our rolling bins are also forklift accessible, available with both 4-way and 2-way entry options, that minimizes the risk of damage when being moved within your warehouse.

Fibertech’s Caster Carts are Ideal for Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industries

Our rolling bins are designed with the food processing and pharmaceutical industries in mind, meaning all of our materials down to the casters are USDA and FDA approved. This commitment to the highest quality standards starts with our bulk containers that are designed from 100% virgin polyethylene that is both USDA and FDA compliant. When adding the caster feature, we use stainless steel framing to ensure the product remains compliant with strict food handling standards, and we then add on antimicrobial casters that keep the carts sanitary at all times.

Aside from being manufactured from food grade materials, our caster cart containers are also easy to clean and rust resistant – both of which are important features for those in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Customize our Caster Cart Containers to Your Industry Needscaster cart

Thanks to the extremely customizable design of our rolling bins, your business can create a caster cart that works for your exact material handling needs. Do you work in a damp environment? You may be interested in our drain hole/drain plug feature. Do you want to protect the contents of your container or keep certain material separated? We also offer custom lids and divider plates. Does your company care about branding? We offer custom colors, mold in and mold on graphics, stenciling, and more.

If you are tired of choosing between efficiency and durability, it is time for you to test out Fibertech’s caster carts that incorporate our high quality rotationally molded containers with easy-to-maneuver casters. We are ready to work with your business to help you create a rolling bin that works for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more!