Why you should choose plastic pallets

If you have worked with wood pallets, you are most likely familiar with their many pros and cons when it comes to material handling. Although they are commonly used in many industries, pallets crafted from wood are not durable and tend to break easily, leading to potential product contamination and hazardous working conditions that can quickly become a liability. Wooden pallets are also difficult to clean, do not function well with forklifts, and are neither cost-effective nor environmentally-friendly.

For an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional wood pallets look no further than our plastic pallets, a perfect solution to your material handling needs. They offer many benefits: durability, forklift-friendly design, and easy-to-clean surfaces. If you are considering making the switch to plastic pallets for your business, read on to learn why plastic pallets are the material handling solution that you have been looking for.

Durable Material

Unlike traditional wooden pallets, our plastic pallets are crafted with an innovative cross-ribbed design that evenly distributes weight for durability and strength. Thanks to this sturdy design without seams or weak points, our strongest pallets can hold up to 3,500 pounds without breaking.

Safe Alternative to Wood

When wood pallets break (and they often do!), the resulting splintered wood and nails often contaminate both the work environment and the product. Hazardous materials that create slip and trip risks in your workspace are a liability that can easily be avoided by switching to our durable plastic alternative. Crafted from USDA and FDA-approved 100% virgin-grade plastic, our pallets pose no safety or damage risks to your employees or product. The safety and quality of our materials is an especially important consideration for those in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Since all of our pallets are crafted from plastic, they are also ideal for use in wet environments – as they do not absorb liquid and can be easily washed – thus eliminating any risk of contamination.


While wooden pallets are often “one-and-done” in functionality, our cross-ribbed plastic pallets can be used repeatedly without wear and tear. The multi-use functionality of our pallets ensures that you and your business get your money’s worth instead of running out to purchase new pallets on a weekly or monthly basis.

Easy to Work With & Clean

Our innovative design also incorporates angled, rounded legs which guide the fork tines into place when being used by a forklift. This unique design reduces damage issues that are common with wooden pallets by allowing the fork tines to deflect off the leg instead of breaking or cutting into the pallet. All of our pallets also include rounded, reinforced corners and 4-way entry for handling ease.

Although they are non-rackable, our pallets come with an optional stacking lip feature on the long side. This makes them easy to stack and transport, while also preventing product slippage when they are in use. All of our plastic pallets are designed with a smooth, flat top that is easy to clean, a critical feature when working in a warehouse environment.

Despite their strong design, our pallets are also relatively light, with our heaviest model (that holds up to 3,500 pounds) weighing in at 55 pounds.

Environment & Budget Friendly

Due to their durable, reusable nature, plastic pallets from Fibertech, Inc. are also an environmentally friendly option that will save money for your business in the long run. Thanks to the cutting-edge engineering of our pallets, they will last for hundreds of uses, making them a cost-effective investment that pays off over time.

In fact, we are so confident in our pallets that they come with a 4-year warranty! Since all of our pallets are crafted from 100% virgin grade plastic, they are also recyclable, eliminating disposal fees and making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

Ready to Make the Switch to Plastic?

Are you ready to switch to a long-lasting, reusable, and safe alternative to traditional wooden pallets? If so, Fibertech, Inc. is here to help. Our innovative plastic pallets are available in three different models – with weight capacities ranging from 2,000 to 3,500 pounds – so that your business can choose the design that works best for its material handling needs. All of our pallets can be customized to include an anti-slippage, stacking lip. Custom colors are also available.

Learn more about our plastic pallets today, and feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. You can also read more about the benefits of making the switch to plastic on the Packaging Revolution blog. We are excited to assist you as your business makes the switch to our durable, cost-effective plastic pallets!

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