Why You Should Choose Rotationally Molded Lockers

Rotationally Molded plastic LockersIf you are in search of lockers with a durable design and customization options that will suit your specific industry, our rotationally molded plastic lockers—available in a variety of customizable sizes and colors—may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Unlike traditional metal lockers, our versatile plastic models can be manufactured to fit your company’s unique needs and have a long-lasting design that will serve your business for years to come.

Easy-to-Clean, Waterproof Design

All of our plastic lockers are crafted from FDA-approved polyethylene through rotational molding, making them ideal for industries where sanitation and cleanliness are essential—such as food processing plants, pharmaceutical environments, and other industrial settings.

Thanks to their durable plastic construction, all of our lockers can be easily sprayed down and rinsed out without the worry of rust or corrosion, making the sanitation process easy. Our customizable design options can also incorporate drainage holes to ensure no water is ever trapped. The lightweight design of our lockers also enables them to be mounted up off the floor, providing an additional drainage option.

In addition to complying with FDA regulations for food processing and pharmaceutical industries, Fibertech’s waterproof construction makes our lockers an ideal option for use in damp environments like gyms, locker rooms, and water parks.

Flexible Design Options That Fit Your Needs

Another benefit of choosing our rotationally molded plastic lockers over their traditional metal counterparts is their customizability, which ensures they will work perfectly for your company.

Aside from our standard features—which include ergonomic handles, mounting channels, ventilated louvres, and drain holes—some of our optional design features include:

1. A Variety of Sizes & Shapes

Our plastic lockers are available in three convenient sizes including 12, 18 and 36 inches. All of our designs include a flat or sloped top, depending on your specific needs. The sloped top is perfect for industries that require high cleanliness standards, as it will not hold or collect dust and can easily be wiped down. All of our lockers are sold as individual units so that you can choose the options that best fit your specific needs.

2. Functional Design Features

In addition to our many options for the size and shape of your lockers, Fibertech also offers a wide selection of functional design options. Customization options such as ID plates, hooks to hang lab coats, shelves to store boots, and drain holes for damp environments will ensure your lockers are perfectly customized to your industry needs.

3. Color Design Options

Fibertech also offers a selection of fun color combinations to color coordinate your space. These design details are an excellent way to boost morale and incorporate your company colors into your warehouse, stockroom, or locker room.

Are you tired of the limited options available for traditional metal lockers? If so, it is time to think outside of the box and invest in a versatile and durable solution that will work for your specific industry needs: rotationally molded plastic lockers! Contact us today about putting our rotational molding to work for you.

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