Custom Rotational Molding

Custom Rotational Molded Plastic Product Development.

Custom rotational molding from Fibertech Inc. includes complete design and manufacturing services. We will help you develop timely, economical solutions and specifications for your custom rotationally molded plastic parts and products. We specialize in custom projects for commercial and industrial products, including fan housings, lockers, bulk handling containers and recreational products.

The Custom Design Process

The Fibertech Inc. team will work closely with you to design your product in Solid Works and provide CAD-enhanced material and product specifications, wall thicknesses and mold configurations, and will oversee mold construction. Fibertech has the capability to produce large scale and mass plastic rotomolded parts ranging from a cubic foot to as large as a hundred cubic foot capacity. In addition to custom plastic roto molded parts and products, we will meet your custom secondary operation needs: assembly, graphics, welding and inserts, all the way through to packaging and drop shipping to your customers.

An Experienced Plastics Team

Our custom rotomolded plastics team’s goal is to meet your product requirements, anticipate your goals and needs, and produce products that surpass your expectations.

In-house custom roto molded design and development services mean we will turn your projects around quickly. Years of experience help us catch design or manufacturing-related problems ahead of time, prior to completing tooling, which saves you time in getting your products to market. When you come to us with a concept, even if all you have is a rough draft—the Fibertech roto molding team will create complete engineering drawings and manufacture your custom mold.

Custom Rotational Molding Services

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  • Full in-house design
  • Higher quality, and higher held tolerance products
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Quality Assurance
  • On-time delivery and shipment

Benefits of Custom Roto Molding

  • Shorter lead-time from concept to production

  • One-piece hollow construction

  • Design flexibility from small to large products

  • Economical for short production runs, prototype research and volume production

  • Excellent load-bearing products

  • Ability to produce multi-wall parts

  • Thickness can be varied without mold modifications

  • Cost saving-economic tooling costs

  • Resistant to stress-cracking and corrosion

  • Complex contours, flanges, and mold-in graphics

  • Colors never crack or chip

  • FDA-approved materials and designs

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