Fibertech Employee Garden

Fibertech is proud of the employee garden it plants every year. Not only does the garden produce a wide range of vegetable for the employees it provides an opportunity to get out side during the day and enjoy the fresh air. Owner Bill Scott heads up the garden every year stretching about 15 x 15 yards it houses more than 10 different vegetables : lettuce, green pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn to list a few.

AF Garden

“Employees with access to a workplace garden reap the benefits. Not only do they have greater availability of healthy produce, but they also have access to a meditative space of nurturing calm.” How workplace gardens improve employee wellness-Jasmine A. Koster

The employees maintain the garden and harvest it themselves. All produce is distributed in the break room for all employees to take what they want. This allows those employees that may not have the space or time for their own gardens the opportunity to have fresh home-grown produce throughout the summer months.

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