Fibertech will be at the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo

At the end of the month, Fibertech will be exhibiting in the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta. This event is “the world’s largest annual poultry, meat and feed industry event of its kind,” and offers the chance for attendees to learn more about important food industry issues as well as the latest emerging technologies in the field. In 2017 alone, the conference drew more than 8,000 attendees from around the globe, representing more than 129 countries!

Fibertech has had the privilege of participating in this key industry event over the last several years, which has given us the opportunity to demonstrate the many advantages of our bulk material handling containers for the poultry, meat and feed industry.

What to expect from Fibertech at the 2018 IPPE

At this year’s IPPE, which will be held from January 30th to February 1st, we will have several of our most innovative food handling products available for demonstration. These products include our rotatable containers, durable plastic pallets, innovative lockers, and free flow containers. Read on to learn more about the design and uses of these functional and long-lasting products.

Rotatable Containers

One of our most popular models in the food handling industry, our bulk rotatable container is engineered to include a one-inch aluminum rod which gives it tilting and dumping capabilities. This innovative design makes this model highly versatile for professionals in the poultry, meat and feed industry and has been proven to improve efficiency in the workplace due to its durable yet ergonomic design features.


Our durable plastic pallets, manufactured from USDA and FDA-compliant materials, are an ideal alternative to wood pallets for food industry professionals. The unique one-piece design of our pallets means that you don’t have to worry about them splintering or contaminating your product. Even better, our pallets also feature a smooth flat design that makes them incredibly easy to clean and sanitize, which we know is of the utmost importance when working with food.


Manufactured from rotationally molded polyethylene, our plastic lockers are a perfect solution for storage in damp environments, like those found in food processing facilities. Since our lockers are manufactured from plastic with a seamless interior and ventilation, they are rust proof and easy to clean or hose down. They can also be customized further to meet your specific industry needs.

Free Flow Containers

Another popular model for clients in the food handling industry, our free flow containers are manufactured using a one-piece construction and include a welded-on pallets. This original design promotes free product flow while also eliminating collection points — two features that are key for those in the poultry and meat industries. Thanks to the one-piece design of these bulk containers there are also no metal parts or hardware, making them perfect for use in food processing facilities.

We are proud of the innovative and versatile solutions that our company offers professionals in the food handling industry. Over the past years exhibiting at the IPPE we have enjoyed meeting many of our loyal customers and have had the privilege of demonstrating the many benefits of our unique products to new clients. We look forward to attending the 2018 IPPE at the end of the month and hope to see you there!