Introducing F-LT70 Laundry Truck

F-LT70 Laundry TruckBigger isn’t always better, and we have found this to be especially true when it comes to laundry trucks, where a smaller unit can have many advantages over larger, bulkier models. That is why we are excited to introduce our new F-LT70 laundry truck with wheels that includes the many benefits of our bulk laundry carts, in a smaller size. Read on to learn about the many advantages of our newest laundry cart for businesses in the healthcare, fitness, commercial laundry, and hospitality industries.

Our small but mighty F-LT70 laundry truck

Measuring in at only 56 inches (about 4 foot and 6 inches) our F-LT70 laundry truck is much shorter than our other bulk laundry carts. This more compact design offers a variety of benefits for businesses, which are detailed below.

Easy to maneuver

One advantage of our shorter F-LT70 laundry truck is that it is easier for employees to maneuver. Unlike our larger models, employees can quickly and efficiently haul clean and dirty linens through hallways without slowing down to see what is ahead of them, since they can easily see over the smaller cart model.

Efficient use of space

Another benefit of our new F-LT70 laundry trucks is that they work well in smaller spaces. This makes them a versatile solution for clients that don’t have a lot of room within their facilities for storing bulky laundry bins. These smaller models not only take up less space, but can also be stacked so that you can maximize every inch of precious space in backhauling.

Standard features of our F-LT70 laundry truck

Similarly to our other laundry carts, our F-LT70 laundry truck is manufactured from a solid, one-piece design using rotational molded polyethylene. Additionally, this model also includes a sturdy metal base and reinforced rounded corners for durability as well as ergonomic hand holes and swivel/rigid non-marking caster wheels for easy maneuvering. It also includes drain holes for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

Customization options of our F-LT70 laundry truck

Want to customize our F-LT70 commercial laundry cart to work for your specific industry needs? We have you covered with a variety of customization options including:

  • Caster configuration
  • Stenciling
  • Mold-on and mold-in graphics
  • Custom colors on large orders
  • Plastic base instead of standard metal base
  • 8” wheel casters instead of the standard 6” casters
  • Regrind material for a more environmentally-friendly design

Try it for yourself today!

If you want to see how our innovative designs can increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace contact us today. Our versatile laundry truck solutions, such as our new F-LT70 are ideal for use in healthcare facilities, linen delivery services, gyms, spas, commercial laundries, hotels, and any business dealing with bulk linens on a regular basis.