Just In! Lighter Weight Laundry Trucks from Fibertech

lighter weight laundry trucksIf you have used our classic plastic laundry carts, you are probably already familiar with their many benefits which include being durable, customizable, easy to clean, and rust proof. Ideal for commercial and business use for both professional laundry services as well as linen delivery services, we are now also offering a lighter weight laundry truck (LLT67) that maintains the many benefits of our standard model while being considerably lighter. Read on to learn more about our new lighter weight laundry trucks and how they can benefit your laundry or linen delivery service.

Lighter Weight Laundry Truck Design

Although our standard model is a wonderful option for many in the commercial laundry industry, we have heard many companies ask for a lighter model in order to reduce fuel usage. Well, you spoke, and we listened! Our new lighter weight laundry cart is twelve pounds lighter than our standard model, which adds up to some major fuel savings when it comes to transporting fresh linens to and from clients. One of the main ways we engineered this lightweight yet durable cart included reducing the wall thickness to .200 compared to the .250 of our standard laundry cart.

Our New Laundry Trucks Don’t Compromise on Durability

If you are worried that we compromised on durability when developing our lighter weight laundry truck, don’t! Our innovative laundry cart design is crafted from a high-density polyethylene which allows the cart to keep its strength and rigidity while also being lighter weight. Like standard laundry carts, our lightweight laundry trucks are still crafted from a one-piece rotationally molded design, so there are never any weak points that can harm the integrity of the product. Another feature of our lightweight laundry carts is a standard metal base which is added for additional strength and durability.

Our New Lighter Weight Laundry Truck Includes The Same Benefits of our Standard Cart

In addition to combining fuel-saving lightweight construction with the durability that you have come to expect from Fibertech products, our new lightweight laundry trucks also include the many other benefits that our customers love about our standard laundry trucks. Similar to our classic model, our lighter weight trucks can also be customized in a variety of colors and can also include mold-on or mold-in graphics or stenciling with your company’s logo. They can also be customized to include a lid or a door, depending on your specific needs. This new model is also easy to clean, rust resistant, and of course, comes with a four-year warranty.

Is Our Lightweight Laundry Truck Right for Your Business?

No matter what industry you serve, our lighter weight laundry trucks are guaranteed to cut down on your fuel usage, while still providing your company with the long-lasting, durable design that you are accustomed to. If your commercial laundry or linen delivery service seems to be spending a fortune on transportation costs consider our lightweight cost-effective commercial laundry carts and cut fuel costs and save your business money.