New Free Flow 445 Plastic Bulk Container

Over 20 years, Fibertech is committed to solving material handling problems in an environmentally responsible manner. We provide reusable, Plastic Bulk Containers to customers across a variety of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, agriculture and general manufacturing. Through our series of containers, Fibertech can help you better manage your raw materials, ingredients and finished products, whether they are free flowing, or liquid, granular, powders or dense materials.

FF445 high angle
Fibertech’s latest design for our plastic bulk container series is the Free Flow 445 Container. This container offers a sloped bottom which supports exceptional product flow ability. The container is solid one-piece construction, with no hardware and is FREE of collection points, making it ideal for handling viscous material. Like all our plastic bulk containers it has the angled leg design, and offers rounded corners, a reinforced rim, is FDA and USDA compliant, 100% virgin materials, rust proof, nestable, and stackable. These bulk containers offer a durable, low maintenance, safe container for transportation of products throughout the facility.FF445 interior

Fibertech Inc. provides comprehensive, environmentally responsible solutions to material handling problems. A first-class line of rotationally molded, reusable, material handling products, as well as custom designed rotational molding services, plastic bulk container & seedbox repair and postindustrial plastic recycling services…a complete plastics solution. Fibertech Inc. is a Green Company, our services of Repair, Recycle and Reuse offers solutions to our customer and encourages their efforts to be Green as well. Explore our website to learn more about our products and services then contact us to discuss your application needs or Request a FREE QUOTE today.