Plastics – Bulk Containers & Material Handling Supplies by Fibertech

Fibertech Inc. manufactures a comprehensive line of reusable plastic material handling containers and products, serving a broad range of needs in a variety of industries.

All our bulk containers, plastic pallets, plastic lockers, and recycling carts are engineered and manufactured to be in full compliance with FDA and USDA requirements. As experts in industrial storage containers, we offer a first-class line of reusable plastic products, as well as custom designed plastic rotational molding services and plastic repair & recycling services.

Our industrial storage containers are designed with shipping and storage needs in mind. To find the right plastic containers, follow the links below to explore our complete product line, then call 800-304-4600 to discuss your specific needs with one of our experts.

Plastic Bulk ContainersPlastic Bulk Containers

Reusable plastic bulk containers from Fibertech Inc. are durable and functional. Combo bins, Plastic bulk gaylords, and bulk containers are well suited to a full range of material handling applications. These material handling containers feature a number of design benefits to provide maximum efficiency and performance. Our industrial storage containers have reinforced rims, forklift accessibility, supported middle with stepped design for nesting as well as ergonomically correct indentions for de-nesting.

Combo BinsCombo Bins

Combo bins and forklift containers are FDA and USDA approved for use as food grade bins. Our reusable bulk containers allow for increased product protection and decreased product tampering. These material handling containers are ideally suited for food service applications, providing product safety and preservation. Our industrial storage containers are made from 100% virgin materials with a linear low density polyethylene resin for a stronger finished product and performance.

recycling-cart-openRecycling Carts

RC38 recycling carts from Fibertech Inc. feature the latest in work efficient design. These reusable bulk recycling containers increase productivity while maintaining durability and maximizing logistics in over-the-road transport. Commercial recycling bins have a variety of uses for heavy bulk recyclables, from school and government facilities to hospitals and waste management plants. Like our combo bins and forklift containers, recycling carts can be customized for your business needs.

plastic-lockersPlastic Lockers

Plastic lockers offer a host of benefits over conventional locker materials. Our plastic lockers are ideal for damp or wet conditions, useful for personal storage solution in schools, athletic facilities, food processing plants or pharmaceutical labs. As with our combo bins and forklift containers, our plastic lockers are rotationally molded to give them smooth, clean and seamless interiors.

plastic-palletsPlastic Pallets

Plastic pallets provide many advantages that traditional wood pallets cannot, including durability, strength, and safety. The plastic pallets are suitable for a broad range of materials in a variety of industries, and are also 100% recyclable, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Plastic pallets are perfect for internal plant transport of corrugated boxes. Plastic skids are the best choice for cleaner processing facilities vs. wood.

utility-cartUtility Carts

UC-Series utility carts are the best multi-purpose heavy-duty utility carts. These plastic utility carts, ideal for material handling, warehouses, offices and restaurants, have a variety of ranging capabilities. Like our combo bins, forklift containers, and recycling carts, our reusable utility carts facilitate transporting light to heavy loads.

fibertech-laundry-cart-redLaundry Trucks

F-LT67 Laundry Trucks from Fibertech Inc. feature the latest in durability. These reusable linen carts are designed to support commercial laundries, service hotels, resorts, nursing homes, and hospitals. Like our combo bins and forklift containers, these laundry trucks have the built-in strength to withstand the most rigorous applications. Our commercial laundry carts are built of 100% virgin materials for a durable, economical and environmentally friendly product. Featuring a plastic bolt-on base that adds strength and gives support to the cart when carrying heavy loads. Our commercial laundry carts are rust-proof and noncorrosive, so you won’t ruin materials put in them.

custom-containerCustom Built Containers

At Fibertech Inc., we listen to the needs of our customers and constantly monitor the demands of the industries we serve. This insight allows us to customize our reusable bulk containers, recycling carts, and laundry trucks to better suit the needs of our customers. Our material handling containers are used in a wide variety of industries, like automotive, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and general industry.

To find out how Fibertech Inc. products can benefit your business, contact us today with a question, request a free quote or call 800-304-4600 to discuss your plastic container needs.