Rotatable Containers

Rotatable Bulk Containers

The Durability Of Our 4Series With the Convenience of Secure Tilting & Dumping

The Rotatable Container is simply our 4Series Bulk Container with an engineered one-inch aluminum rod to make it rotatable. This bulk container design pairs one of the most durable bulk containers in the industry with the ability for secure tilting and dumping with a standard forklift 180 degree rotator. Forklift rotatable containers from Fibertech are ideal for the loading and dumping of material efficiently.

Rotatable Bulk Container Specifications

ModelOutside DimensionsCu./Ft. Gallon CapacityWeight
F436-R48" x 44" x 36"30 cu/ft 225 gal140 lbs
F438-R48" x 44" x 38"32 cu/ft 240 gal145 lbs
F442-R48" x 44" x 42"37 cu/ft 227 gal155 lbs
F445-R48" x 44" x 45"40 cu/ft 300 gal160 lbs
F-4 DUST COVER49" x 45"25 lbs
F-4 LID49" x 45"40 lbs

Rotatable Bulk Container Benefits:

  • Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Rust Resistant
  • Four Year Warranty
  • Non-Static Material Transfer
  • 100% Recyclable

Rotatable Container Standard Features:

  • 4-Way Entry
  • 2-Way Forklift Rotatable Entry
  • Bolted on Pallet Base
  • 1” Aluminum Rod
  • Ergonomic Nesting/De-nesting Design
  • Reinforced Rim
  • Flat Bottom
  • Reinforced Rounded Corners

Available Rotatable Container Options:

  • Lid
  • Stenciling
  • Divider Plates
  • Drain Holes
  • Drain Plugs
  • Mold-on Graphics
  • Custom Colors (at nominal upcharges)
  • Mold-in Graphics
  • Replaceable Bolt-on pallets
  • Welded Seam

available-colorsOur Forklift Rotatable Containers feature a 1-inch aluminum rod for secure tilting – Add a lid for the ability to stack and avoid contamination.

Fibertech forklift rotatable containers with 2-way and 4-way entry pallets include a 1-inch aluminum rod for secure tilting. These bulk containers include a reinforced rim, fortified middle with stepped design for nesting, plus ergonomically correct indentions for de-nesting. Other key enhancements are smooth flat interior surfaces with rounded corners to alleviate product collection points, easy product flow and cleaning. Add a lid to protect product contamination or for the ability to stack. Our plastic containers also come in an assortment of colors to help you organize your storage space for maximum efficiency. Stencil the bulk bins with company name or as a label of the product inside. These plastic bulk containers also come with a four-year limited warranty so you know you can count on our reusable shipping containers.

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