Combo Bins

Combo Bins by Fibertech

The best food grade plastic combo bins for the job – from harvesting to processing to distribution.F251 angle

Fibertech Combo Bins are made from 100% virgin materials with a linear low density polyethylene resin for stronger finished bulk bins. Our 2Series Bulk Containers and 4Series food grade combo bins are FDA and USDA compliant, suited for food and pharmaceutical applications.

The plastic in these bulk containers has greater resistance to chemical or food penetration. Contributing to clean environments, our bulk food containers increase product protection and can reduce the risk of product tampering. The reusability of our combo bins results in substantial savings on cost-per-trip and sustainability over time. Fibertech Inc. combo bins are the best food grade bins for the job — from harvesting to processing to distribution.

Bulk Container/Combo Container Available Styles

Combo Bin features and benefits:

  • One-piece construction
  • Less lead time
  • Metal inserts available as integral parts
  • Excellent load-bearing products
  • Thickness can vary for your needs
  • Cost saving – economic tooling costs
  • Resistant to stress-cracking
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No color cracking or chipping
  • High quality food grade bins

available-colorsOur Bulk Food Containers are FDA and USDA compliant

Fibertech Inc. combo bins are long-lasting, economical and environmentally friendly. Our bulk food containers are FDA and USDA compliant for all your food storage needs. Our bulk bins utilize one piece construction for durability, and you can specify the thickness of all your bulk bins. We have material handling bins with excellent load-bearing standards.

Options, Lasting Quality & Support Past Your Initial Order

Our combo bins are resistant to food and chemical penetration as well as being corrosion resistant. We offer combo bin customers the added benefits of our repair and recycling services for industrial storage containers, meaning your Fibertech Inc. material handling bins will last longer. We have plastic material handling supplies for all sorts of storage and transport needs. Visit our Bulk Containers section for sizes, models and colors.

To find out how Fibertech Inc. products can benefit your business, contact us today with a question, request a free quote or call 800-304-4600 to discuss your plastic container needs.