Container Features & Accessories

Bulk Plastic Container Features & Accessories

Together We Can Customize Your Perfect Fibertech Container

Fibertech added features and accessories to help maximize your plastic bulk containers capabilities for your business. By labeling and color coordinating your combo bins it makes organization and operations more easily defined in your facility.

Custom material handling containers offer material handling solutions that make your business more efficient and make your life easier. Personalize your bulk bins with molded-in graphics or special colors. Our reusable shipping containers are durable so that once you have chosen your material handling solutions, you are done for a long time. Customizing the bulk bins with divider plates and drain holes eliminates a secondary process to which our bulk containers can do in one. Lids protect product contamination and/or for the ability to stack shipping containers on-top of one another.


Container Features – Customize Your Own Material Handling Containers With:

Colors – Available in a choice of 15 Standard colors to color coordinate or brand your containers with company colors. Custom colors are available in quantities of 50 or more and require a nominal upcharge. Colors do not crack chip or fade. Color selection is available in virgin plastic material only; recycled plastic material comes in black only. Colors match Pantone colors as closely as possible, though colors shown are approximate. Custom color matching is quoted upon request and some colors may require quantities higher than 50 units. To request actual color chips samples, call 800.304.4600.

Stenciling – Black or White stenciling is available with additional upcharge per container. Logo stenciling is a nominal upcharge per container. By labeling the plastic bulk containers it makes organization and operations more easily defined.

Molded-In Graphics – Your logo will last as long as the reusable shipping container. The mold-in process embeds your logo or design into the plastic resin during the molding process and protects it with a plastic layer. So your graphics won’t fade, crack, chip or peel off.

Molded-On Graphics – These permanent graphics are applied after molding, using a secondary heat source. The heat creates an unbreakable bond by encapsulating the graphic. They are permanently fused directly into the outer surface after the part has been molded or formed.

Stacking Lids – A stacking lid is molded to be stronger and heavier to support the stacking of full containers on top of each other to maximize the storage of materials.

Dustcover Lids – A dustcover lid is molded to be lighter as it is used as a cover for the plastic bulk containers to protect contents from contamination.

Spacer/Divider Plates – Plates are used to separate materials from one another in the same container.

Drain Holes/Plugs -Drain holes support an ease of cleaning of our combo bins and plugs help keep materials in when not draining.


To find out how Fibertech Inc. products can benefit your business, contact us today with a question, request a free quote or call 800-304-4600 to discuss your plastic container needs.