Plastic Pallets

Molded Plastic Pallets

Ditch Wood for Fibertech’s Washable Plastic Storage Pallets and Reduce Forklift Damage

Fibertech Plastic Pallets provide an excellent alternative to wood pallets, offering a cost-efficient solution for applications requiring strong, durable, and washable pallets. Fibertech Inc.’s unique angled leg design for plastic pallets helps to reduce forklift damage by enabling the fork tines to deflect off the leg rather than breaking or cutting the pallet. Our plastic pallets have an optional lip on the long side to prevent product slippage and to facilitate transportation of stacked, empty pallets.

Plastic Pallet Specifications

ModelOutside DimensionsWeight CapacityWeight
NP4048-4540" x 48" x 6"2000 lbs — 2500lbs45 lbs
NP4048-5040" x 48" x 6"2500 lbs — 3000lbs50 lbs
NP4048-5540" x 48" x 6"3000 lbs — 3500lbs55 lbs

Plastic Pallet Benefits:

  • Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Rust Resistant
  • Four Year Warranty
  • 100% Recyclable

Plastic Pallet Standard Features:

  • 4-Way Entry
  • Angled Leg Design
  • Crisscross Rib Design
  • Smooth Flat Top Surface
  • Reinforced Rounded Corners

Available Plastic Pallet Options:

  • Anti-Slippage and Stacking Lip
  • Custom Colors (at nominal upcharges)

available-colorsUSDA & FDA Approved Plastic Pallets are ideal for use in Food & Pharmaceutical Applications

Fibertech plastic pallets are manufactured with USDA and FDA-approved 100% virgin-grade materials, ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications. Plastic pallets are uniform in size and shape and have no safety or damage risks due to protruding nails and splinters. Our storage pallets have flat, smooth tops for easy loading and unloading and also for easy clean up.

Plastic pallets are built with the needs of shippers in mind so you get a durable and lasting product that outperforms wood pallets.

Plastic Pallets are a Durable & Environmental Alternative to Wood

Plastic pallets are a durable and long-lasting choice for material handling applications and are ideal for wet environments because you don’t have to worry about contamination. Our plastic pallets are a one-piece design with no seams or weak points, holding roughly 3,500 pounds and yet weigh no more than 55 pounds for our sturdiest model. Fibertech plastic pallets are economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood.

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