Repair Bulk Plastic Containers

Plastic Bulk Container Repair

Plastic bulk container repair services from Fibertech Inc. offer extended life for plastic containers and combo bins.


Fibertech Inc. was founded on its Repair Program. We specialize in the repair of seed boxes, plastic totes, bulk bins, pro boxes and center flow containers.  Even the most durable of seed boxes can become damaged after prolonged use. Instead of replacing the damaged center flow containers, Fibertech repair them for a fraction of the cost of a new bulk container extending the life of your investment.

WE CAN REPAIR: Plastic Bulk Container Repair, Repairs to Reusable Shipping Containers, Seed Boxes, Plastic Totes, Bulk Bin Repair, Center Flow Containers, and more!

Since 1989, Fibertech Inc. is the foremost provider of FDA-approved plastic bulk container repair services for plastic material handling products and containers. We take seed boxes that are cracked, gouged or broken and repair them for reuse and compliance. Our plastic weld repair program uses a combination of parts from our stock, plastic welding and other innovative techniques developed by our team to ensure quality refurbished containers. Our plastic weld repair is stronger at the point of repair than the container was when it was originally manufactured.

Bulk Container Repair Service Advantages

  • Every plastic bulk container repair is done with consistent, superior workmanship by our plastic welders.
  • Fibertech repair work on seed boxes is unmatched and 100% guaranteed
  • We strive for a 80% return rate
  • USDA- and FDA-approved plastic repair services and materials
How the Plastic Bulk Container Repair Service Program Works
1) Fibertech will pay the INCOMING freight only on repair orders.
2) Damage to plastic material handling containers is assessed to determine if repairs can be made.
3) Salvageable plastic material handling containers are washed and repaired.
4) Charges are only incurred for the repaired containers that are returned.
5) Customers pay OUTGOING freight for the refurbished plastic material handling containers.

*If the incoming freight costs exceed $25/unit, Fibertech will contact the customer and bill the difference.

Plastic Bulk Container Disposal

When plastic bulk container repair is not possible, we offer the following disposal options:

  • Recycled units are containers the exceed the potential for repair. These will be reported by weight and the customer will get a credit accordingly.
  • Disposed units are containers that exceed the potential for repair. These will be reported by weight and the customer will be charged a disposal fee accordingly.

Plastic Bulk Container Repair Service Cost

Fibertech Inc.’s plastic bulk container repair service program pricing includes the cost to repair all pro boxes, regardless of size or amount of damage. All plastic bulk container repair materials and labor are included in the price. With center flow container repair, there may be additional charges for the purchase or repair of replacement components such as pallets, dividers, bolts, nuts and lids. Every repair, replace, or recycle program is specific to your needs. Contact us today for a quote to start your custom repair program with Fibertech.

To find out how Fibertech Inc. products can benefit your business, contact us today with a question, request a free quote or call 800-304-4600 to discuss your plastic container needs.