Save money with Fibertech’s wash and repair service

wash and repair serviceOne thing that many customers don’t know about Fibertech is that in addition to our impressive selection of rotationally molded bulk containers, we also offer state-of-the-art wash and repair service for the agricultural industry that can extend the service life of Ag Center Flow Seed Boxes.

Some History on Fibertech’s Wash & Repair Services

Fibertech started out in the wash and repair business working on repairs for a large manufacturer that produced fiberglass containers. As we worked with this company they began to encounter the issue of damage to their plastic tubs and approached our team to see if we could develop a repair/welding service to increase the life of these costly containers.

If you know anything about welding, you know that plastic welding is an art, as a lot of craftsmanship goes into the preparation of the weld area. Through the process of trial and error, our founders found located and created high-quality equipment and developed an intricate process for a higher quality result than the standard repair services on the market. Our repair services allowed this company to save $300 to $400 hundreds of dollars per container, by putting existing products back into the field instead of purchasing replacements.

After perfecting the process of preparing a weld procedure of plastic welding, we took it a step further by having the strength of our welds certified. The results showed that the weld area on our repairs is actually stronger than the existing plastic on either side of the weld. We are now certified in both horizontal and vertical welds.

Pioneering new techniques to revolutionize the existing wash and repair services eventually led our founders to start manufacturing their own containers thanks to their knowledge of the weak spots and structural issues companies had with the standard containers on the market at the time. Our founders used their knowledge and experience to create bulk plastic containers with higher functionality and durability.

Fast forward to 2017….

As Fibertech developed a strong reputation for both manufacturing and providing unrivaled workmanship on wash and repair services, major agricultural firms began approaching our business about creating a cost-effective solution for repair of costly and frequently damaged Ag Center Flow Seed Boxes used in the agricultural industry.

This resulted in our seed box wash and repair service, that offers an effective solution to extend the life of these containers so that they can stay in the field functioning efficiently as long as possible, saving agricultural businesses some major money on purchasing new seed boxes which can cost up to $700 dollars per unit.

The Process of our Unrivaled Wash & Repair Services

Over the years we have developed a consistent and reliable wash and repair model that saves companies in the agricultural industry thousands of dollars on an annual basis. Our process starts with a thorough wash that removes chemicals and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between differing seed varieties. Our team of experts then evaluates the structural integrity of the seed box, going through crack inch by crack inch. We then use our revolutionary proprietary welding technology to repair any existing damage, making the box stronger than ever before for many more years of use in the field.

Thanks to our totally original approach to wash and repair services we have an 87% a very high repair rate on damaged boxes that we receive. When we do encounter boxes that have had their structural integrity compromised we completely grind down and recycle the product as a part of our industrial plastic recycling program — which offers both environmental and cost-saving benefits.

We are currently in the process of expanding our wash and repair services and operations to allow for an even larger scale of operation to service agricultural companies in the Midwest and Ohio Valley region. To learn more about our ever-growing wash and repair services, and to see how they can save your business money by refurbishing your existing fleet of containers, contact us today!